We invest in New Mexico-based startups that can lead emerging industries.

Our Thesis

We’re investing in an industry-agnostic, diversified portfolio. We’re particularly excited about companies working in life sciences, agriculture, media & entertainment, space, software, and Industry 4.0. Read more.

Our Process

Our investment process starts with a warm referral from our network, our participation in the community, or contact from our website, and proceeds through a number of steps. Read more.

Our Criteria

Companies who receive investment must undergo a screening process, receive a “yes” vote to invest by our investment committee, and complete a due diligence process. Read more.

Electric PlayhouseElectric Playhouse is a State-of-the-Art interactive and immersive digital wonderland full of a variety of experiences designed for all ages.  


NTx is redefining the discovery and production of biologic materials to be infinitely faster, purer and more affordable for everyone.

X-Bow Systems

X-Bow is revolutionizing solid rocket motors with technological breakthroughs in additive manufacturing.

We want to meet your startup

We’re looking to invest in New Mexico-based startups who can lead emerging industries in the state.